Come Learn If The "Teeth In A Day" Implant Procedure Is Right For You!
Throw Away Your dentures
and get a full set of upper and lower teeth in one visit- one day.
This is a unique procedure that involves only 4 implants per arch to get a FULL set of teeth
These are just some pictures of what we CAN do, but more importantly I would love to see you so I can see how I can help YOU. Let's chat in the office! 
"Teeth In A Day" Implant Procedure- Free Consultation
Come Learn and see if the "Teeth In A Day" Implant technique is Right for You.
"Get teeth that you don't have to remove, stay in permanently, and don't cover all your gums.
Eat what you want to eat, when you want to eat it, without the pain of the food getting caught in your dentures!

Let's meet! -Dr. Arfan Iqbal

Let's chat, talk about your teeth, and go over some choices! Easy and casual! 
Choice of 2 locations - Kendal or Preston

Bring Your Questions:

5 Sandes Avenue, Kendal, LA9 4LL
Feel Free to Call Us at 01539 739911

216 Preston Road, Preston, PR2 5JS
Feel Free to Call Us at 01772 651130
If you're missing teeth or have to wear dentures, give yourself a fair chance and look into the "Teeth In a Day" implant procedure. you'll be amazed.
  Free "Teeth In A Day" Consultation
 "Meet with myself and my team and we will evaluate you to see if you are a good fit for this procedure. We will discuss your goals, concerns, take some digital images, and review total treatment costs as well."
 The Procedure & Results
"We place 4-6 implants, and also fit you for a natural looking arch of teeth. Not a typical removable denture, instead it's attached to the 4-6 implants and feels comfortable enough to eat anything!" 

 Natural Looking Teeth!
"One of the biggest benefits of the Teeth In A Day procedure is that you get teeth that stay in and look very natural. In addition, it's all done in one visit and you get to see the results immediately after your procedure.  

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